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File format DJVu

File format Djvu was specifically designed to compress images and documents. This format can compress the scanned documents so that the output has sufficiently small file size. Djvu format allows you to transfer with full accuracy of all the scanned documents, that is your handwriting, forums and other nuances that can be documented. This format is used by several dense world libraries to convert all their data into electronic format. The technology allows you to transfer files through the network and open it before the file is downloaded to your computer. A file in a djvu format consists of several layers and it allows you to open the text of the file before it is downloaded to your computer. Also, the entire file may have a search that allows you to speed up the search of information you need. Djvu format allows you to set the file contents and arrange links, which also allows easier navigation. The format has become in demand in recent years, since the files, scanned and re-encode into this format differs from its predecessor, a small volume and thus quality loss is minimal.

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